Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Plastic Doll

Best "FuckDolls" are always ready to serve ...

... and Jenny sure knows how to satisfy a man ^_^

Someone told me a couple of cumshots are not enough for Jenny ...
... her other holes need to be explored too ^_^

Time for our lovely Plastic Doll Jenny to receive her final reward ...

... and now waiting for Jenny to add all the dialogues ^_^


  1. ZZomp please bring back your best girl Alice and have that innocent hottie dominated by one of your epic huge dick orcs.

    Also hey man can your believe the crap that happening with that new artist Hibbli3D? We're trying to find out WTF is going on because who would fuck up their own art so bad? It would be like you switching to 2D!!!! Do you know what this artist did to fuck up her work so bad? Is it a bad program or what is it that she did? Here is what people are saying:

    They wrote this crazy ass shit can't believe it even to see it it's like WTF did this artist do? Is she fucking nuts?

    The artist Hibbli3D was really good and something to look forward to in between waiting for Mongo’s great work but now something crazy has happened and Hibbli3D has made a disastrous change to her main character Elayne and her work is suffering so bad for it just because she changed in some really odd bad way. Check out the pictures of her original Elayne that was really a special beloved creation and see how it’s now all lost unless we help this artist see that she made a huge mistake. I've read around about alot of people hating on her and saying they will no longer support her but I choose to help her instead because I still have hope she will see the light.
    Please don't give up on her!
    So please email hibbli at: and let her know we need to have the original Elayne back and that her original awesome work didn't need to be torn apart and discarded. Thanks!
    Links to see the huge disaster of one of the most beloved 3D characters below.

  2. This last pic the best do far for me.

  3. If you need help with your dialogue try John Persons work(google his name, the bet and the hunt are my favorites). Just a suggestion, I am a big fan of his work as well.