Friday, May 10, 2013

Yoko Animation !!!

Yes ... it's true ... Yoko is my first animated girl ^_^

This is the result of a quick collaboration
with the talented Vizivius,
don't forget to thank him visiting his homepage.

I'm sure you will love all his animations ^_^

Download this video from DepositFiles HERE .


  1. Such a perfect body, and those delicate hands are so hot. Great work!

  2. Waw, impressive. As a former 3d modeler and animator, I can say there remain some little artefacts, but I can also say that's a hard and amazing work. I like it (even if I think fluids are a bit weird). Good job!

  3. Awesome first attempt,very promising for the future:)

  4. wow!!! really awesome!!!!!!!! a very good team work!! vizivius is a real master of the animation, and working you two together is amazing!!!

  5. goood, very good. EXCELENT WORK!

  6. You have a future in 3d animation sir. This is really amazing and beats most stuff on the market today. Plus it's not censored by japanese laws.

    You should seriously consider doing a short 3d movie with some of your girls

    1. I suck in animations ... all done by Vizivius ;)

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