Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yara Loves Trolls - Part.4

Every Princess needs an "Happy Ending"...

Good girl...don't waste any seed this time ^_^



  1. This happy ending was the best cumshot you ever made.GREAT!!!

  2. this set is really smashing!
    imho prolly the best you ever did!
    it's just amazing how convincingly you fit these giant dicks everywhere.
    Like it is theroetically biologically/physically impossible for her to swallow a dick of that size
    but somehow you make it happen anyway, and it looks real. Also the penetrations are VERY smoothly,
    the dicks don't just stick in where there theoretically wouldn't be enough space
    but they really shove her ass & pussy open (insanely good double anal btw!).

    i like your monster sets best and i am also a fan of uncompromising action like that,
    so this set really pushes all my buttons.
    What i would have liked to see more of is the double penetrations.
    There are a lot of pictures where the trolls are preparing to shove their impressive tools in,
    but then there is only one pic where they actually do (like e.g. pics 27 - 30 to get ready and pic 31 to do it).
    i love the "preparation" pix too, but would love to see more "penetration" pix anyway.
    I guess they are more difficult to make (due to making the penetration as plausible as you did).
    Maybe you could just render more pics from the same scene/setting, not changing the models but just the angle?
    As far as i know but to make shots from different angles would only take computer power/render time.
    Dunno if the penetrations take a lot of postwork.
    I would especially love to see more of the double anal (omfg! you nailed that one!)

    Anyway i would love to see more of those, but what i would love even more would be some extra pic/s
    showing how Yara empties the bowl of sperm - drinking it, ofc!
    while drinking she could also spill some over her georgeous breasts.
    Ideally, the brown troll would ejaculate a second time, this time also into the bowl (+a bit on her),
    filling it up really nicely. then she would slowly and messily gulp down the whole thing.
    That would be super-awesome.

    I know in the blog you already wrote "the end" under the pics,
    and as far as i know you very rarely do requests anymore,
    but if you do anytime soon, please keep this in mind!

    one last thing: you guys are all stupid. just saying that to proove i'm a troll,
    and Yara loves Trolls!!!

  3. taking a closer look, you can notice the bowl is fuller in pic 49 than in pic 50,
    so it seems they are swapped. sry for my very long post for & my incessant requests, but already 1 Bonus pic of her gulping down that bowl from pic 49 would really blast! like i said, burner set anyway

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