Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alyssa...not that king of Girl

To many things to handle ... I'm always busy "testing" new girls ...
so I called an agency to find an expert assistant.

Last week, I was filming this scene with Dolly, when I saw this sexy redhead
bombshell entering my office. Holy shit...she was fuckin' sexy wearing that perfet
porn-secretary outfit!

I immediately thought she was there for a casting...
but the following days I had to change my mind,
I can't stop staring at those big round titties all the time...

...but I have to admit she's not just a body to fuck ^_^

Soooo ... she's not here to fuck, but I'm sure she could help me
with auditions too ...


  1. Return to Alice vs orcs please. And you model Yoko retired?

    1. I totally agree! Please bring back Alice and those huge orcs!

    2. I third Alice and the orcs, but I also dig this hot new secretary.

  2. Love getting to see Dolly again too!

  3. I very much like where this is going!

  4. Another black guy? That's disappointing. However, Alyssa looks great, and that shot of her comparing her arm with his cock is perhaps the most creative picture I've seen you make.

  5. I wish you'd continue this line of pictures. The story and the images are really hot!