Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Valentina's Return - Part.4

Just a quick break before the next sequence, maybe she wasn't ready yet ...

Double-anal is not so easy to handle ... so she asked me if she could
choose her partners for her first time.

And seems she's finally made her choice ...

... now let's see if she can handle 2 big cocks in her ass ^_^

Deeper version coming soon ...

... all the cumshots will follow on Part.5 ...


  1. Marcus+last black man with fat cock who analed her

  2. I know that it's difficult, but it can be handeled ... ;-)

  3. Well that's impressive. I wish next that you do the ultimate sex scene and give your most beloved girl innocent Alice a double vaginal penetration by two ultra hung behemoth mega evil monsters! Thanks!

  4. Last three pics are very hot. She can handle two cocks and hope there will come more. Absolutefantastic, my friend