Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentina's Return - Part.1

She started a few years ago with some amateur videos ...

... and now she acts like a real pornstar ...

... with an impressive skill in deepthroating enormous cocks ^_^


  1. Absolute outstanding new artwork my friend. I'M very excited for your next part :-)

  2. Dang. That girl would be really hot if she had longer hair.
    The short hair just killed it for me. Makes her look like a boy. Sorry.

    1. As a friend once wrote to me: Short hair represents a sort of confidence, a willingness to shed one of the conventions of traditional attractiveness and let one's other attributes speak for themselves.
      I don't need long hair to hide behind and I definitely don't look like a boy.
      Nothing about Valentina looks masculine.

  3. ZZomp 3D please know that google is not going to allow porn anymore. please check out this link from another 3d artist hibbli as an alternative to host your amazing art! This is a great place to host your work and be secure with it:
    I can't wait till the next Alice and Dolly monster sets! Thank you!

  4. If you would like to go directly to the site mentioned in the blog it's here:
    Also another alternative is to check out 3D Zen Erotic and ask him what site host he uses.

    Good luck! Thanks for your great work!

  5. The set I've been the most excited for of yours for awhile, really looking forward to seeing the completed set :) Great work, she looks awesome

  6. Think you can bring back Robin?