Saturday, December 20, 2014

Alice - Abusing the Slave (Part.3)

My personal present for all Alice's fans ...

... good girls like her deserve a very special "white" XXXmas ^_^

1 cent to the one who tell me what she thought when she saw
the second orc joining the party ...


  1. Thanks ZZomp!

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope we see Alice get a hardcore DP by giant monsters and a double vaginal penetration too soon!
    The POV views are out of this world crazy hot!

    Thank you!

  2. Yes! Please Bring in another Green Monster and bring in the new year with a double vaginal penetration and creampie of the beautiful Alice!!
    Thank you Zzomp! Cum looks tasty!!!!

  3. Easy!
    she thought " OH MY GOD!" =P

  4. This is great!
    She thought, two huge cocks the best gift for Xmas. She entered into ecstasy and came from one of the species, but insanely wanted to try, especially in one hole at once^_^
    She was happy :)
    She is their sex slave

  5. OMG!!!!
    She is thinking ! Oh my god no please somebody help me!!! My poor vagina is gonna get wrecked!!
    I really cAbt wait to see her overwhelmed screaming and balling here eyes out in torment pleasure and pain from The two giants!!!

  6. Alice Says,

    "Oh My God No! Please don't! Have mercy on my little human body! Two will never fit in me!!! No please not two in my vagina! This is my unsafe day! I don't want to have monster babies!!! AAhahhhahahhahaha!

  7. She Thinks. Oh No. This Brown one looks so much more mean and lusting for me so hard I'm scared!!! Please no. I'm tired and I'm sore from stretching so much. Please don't double penetrate me. Please just let me go free. I'm just a little tiny young girl and I'm scared.. Oh no. I'm gonna cry. Please don't hurt me. It hurt last time.......whimper cry ...

  8. Thanks for your amazing pictures , Santa Zzomp!

  9. Well, why would she be like "Oh no, I don't want to feel good, please, don't make me fuck those awesome pieces of meat" xD Hell, I think, that she would be thinking "Oh yes, best christmas ever, thanks Z, you made my day!"

  10. Definitely Alice is scared out of her little innocent mind!
    Really hope to see her crying like a little sex slave bitch with those epic wide eyed and mouth open Zzomp expressions!
    These next parts are gonna be legendary! Time for a double vaginal , traditional DP and all out balls out sexual madness!
    Amazing work ZZomp!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas

  11. EPIC!

    What I like most about Alice is that she isn't some loose slut who acts like a dead deer when getting fucked. She is so innocent and scared and has those really great expressions of fear and being totally not ready for what happens like a little virgin girl. I hope you keep her that way. Tears are really hot too. And I think what people are trying to say is that it's really sexy to see her hurt like in a working out way like me I'm a gymnastic. And when I stretch out it hurts but in a good way like when I lift weights it hurts but in a good way. So I can only imagine getting fucked by one of those things you know. I mean I would want it to hurt bad like they were stretching my pussy out so much but at the same time I would be cumming like crazy! It's a pump stretch workout hurt. I'm not for beating or cutting or any of that BS but I agree with the other people I love seeing a girl that I can imagine being completely pounded and given a good hard fuck session workout and she is like omg this is too much it's too hard! It's the whole idea of being dominated by a beast. My greatest wet dreams are when I fantasize about a giant monster raping me. It's scary and I'm terrified but I cum so much my abs are sore after I orgasm like ten times.

    Thanks Zzomp!!! Merry XMAS!

  12. She is terrified the brown monster might do some serious damage to her tight little holes but she knows she has to try. I hope there is some huge stomach bulging when they both fuck her!

    1. yeah, more stomach bulging would be most appropriate :)

  13. 'I don't suppose either of these is carrying some mega condoms?'

    'Didn't think so.'

  14. Have my fingers crossed for an all out rape session, alot of tears, and a double vaginal. Will be the greatest work of 2015!

  15. Would be great to see double penetration Alice when she in air like in your Morrigan dp fuck pic but one orc penetrates her in front and another from behind.
    And any news about Guardians project?
    And about Yoko about Robin? Is there a chance to see them in 2015?

  16. I would really love to see them pin her down on her back and give her that hard double vaginal penetration and then some some traditional doggie style double penetration with a cock up her ass and the other in her pussy.
    Definitely hope her sad fearful tears flow like rain in this!
    Really amazing artwork! Most beautiful innocent sex slave ever! Thank you!

  17. what she thought when she saw the second orc joining the party:
    she was in such awe, all she could think was just: "COCKS".
    a little later, when she came to her senses, she thought "BIG COCKS".

  18. Spitroast? One down balls deep down her throat and another balls deep in her ass?

  19. There's a new set with Jenny and, apparently, this one was laid aside... Sad thing :(

  20. A few thoughts out loud:
    Tihanna and Alice captured by orcs. But they have the opportunity to break free. Orcs as people have their position in society, a hierarchy. But their position in society is determined by the sizes of their cocks. Those two who fucked Tihanna in Tihanna Loves Orcs part 1 and 2 just young orcs they have least cocks among Orcs. Orc from the scene Tihanna Loves Orcs part 3 and orcs from Alice - Abusing the Slave is the orcs warriors, they have cocks bigger than the young orcs. Next step in the hierarchy is the orcs personal guards of the king, their cocks one and a half times thicker and longer than have the orc warriors. And on top of society of course the king of the orcs. He have truly huge dick. His cock one and a half times thicker and longer than have orcs his personal guards and more than two times larger than that of orcs warriors. At the head of his cock tattoo of a crown and head pierced ring as in the nose of a taurens.
    They have only one chance to be free is to serve the young orcs first, then orcs warriors, then orcs personal guards of the king, and finally the King. But looking on how hard Alice and Tihanna to service ordinary orcs warriors becomes clear how difficult this test...