Friday, August 29, 2014

Social Network - Part.1

" Social Network - Part.1 "

Dolly Pink studying for her " oral " examination ^_^


  1. good beginning for Dolly.I hope your avatar reserve her a "good treatment" for her little asshole.I hope your avatar has yet a lot of white cum in reserve.

  2. Very cute so far, the green pillow added a nice contrast to break up all the pink. Also, I absolutely loved that you added a download link for the set, thank you so much <3

  3. Thank you Z for your hot art!! I'm a big fan, you are one of the reasons I´m interested in make some 3d porn!
    She's really, really cute, as all of your fem chars...

  4. Thanks a lot ZZomp. I contacted you on twitter - will you get back?
    I think your models are really good -almost realistic. Your art is on another level, above other artists.
    Can you contact me about some? I want to know if you have resources.
    SJD jonha.silverworm [at ] :OR: tiberiusfury [at ]