Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tihanna Loves Orcs - Part.2

... as you all probably know, second part of my
"Tihanna Loves Orcs" comic is online at the Affect3D store.



  1. I'd like to say you made a very good work in this set! I'm anxious for the third part, and hoping to see a foursome (with these two orcs and the bigger one that appeared in the end of this part... I think Tihanna can hold up the three orcs at the same time). And you could make some money with these works, Zzomp!

  2. Grazie 1000 anche per questo regalo!
    Mi aspettavo fosse a pagamento!

  3. Thank you, ZZ! New with Tihanna is always great surprise and celebration. Hope part 3 will be even more dirty and horny.
    Thanks for free downloading.
    Good luck!

  4. All hello!
    Tihanna returned from holiday! ! ! And whether artist have knows where Bryndel and Lynn have a rest? Especially as Bryndel everything stopped on the most interesting place ( whereas Lynn pleased with the frankness ( Very interesting models! !