Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introducing Dolly ...

Just a quick set to test Dolly's potential ...


Hope you like this short casting ... now back working on
" Sisters in Trouble II " ^_^


  1. Her breasts are so small (relative to your usual) Zzomp. Either your tastes are changing or you showed great restraint in designing this new Dolly of yours. Still, it's no bad thing. Variety being the spice of life and all. The only comment I really have on her design is that I can't decide whether I love the way her hair curls in over her cheeks for making her look like she's blushing more than she is or hate it. It's certainly a cool idea, even if it wasn't intentional though.

    Other than that I'm just going to add the usual "new Nami/Hancock" moaning to the raft you already receive of such complaints, and that despite that I love every new character you design despite wanting new sets with most of the existing ones. There just isn't enough of your stuff basically. We need some Zzomp clones or something.

    1. I though about Dolly during last small set I did for Eyline.
      I really like Eyline's breasts shape...and I decided to create a new OC character with a natural look.
      You probably remember some of my similar girls like Bryndel...Lynn or Lilith, this time she's not a fantasy oriented one, just a sexy teen with bad "attitudes".
      I turned off all my usual "busty bitch" Poser magnets and started playing with standard V4 morphs ...
      Half an hour later this sexy toy was ready for action ^_^

      About OnePiece stuff, I think I'll certainly do something new during 2014 ... but I really dunno when I'll start working on a complete set.

      If you can clone humans ... I'll order a Marie-Claude Bourbonnais copy for my own needs as soon as possible ^_^

  2. WHAT!!!!She's absolutely a potential rival for Tihanna.

    1. Really?!?
      The Force is strong with this one ^_^

    2. Lol!!!
      Whynot to see her in a space -opera parody?you could even add Ral'Rai.

    3. Maybe have Ral'Rai train her as a stripper by making her blow a customer under the table, forcing her to choke on it while she gets her tits fondled and so on.

  3. thank you for all you do here WOW, YOUR VERY GOOD !