Sunday, December 1, 2013

Working on Part.2

Started working on Tihanna Loves Orcs - Part.2


  1. OMG!!! zzomp....I'm really looking forward to this, looks like your best work so far

  2. You're working on part#2, so you must have achieved part#1.When will it be on store?

    1. Dunno yet ... I have to ask affect3D admins ;)

  3. I hope next Tihanna story will be "Tihanna loves Werewolves" ^_^

  4. While I'm waiting for Affect3D to put your set back up, can I just ask out of curiosity why you chose to make this set a .pdf? I prefer normal image files personally, just because they're easier to muck around with for making backgrounds, streaming to other platforms (PS3 in my case) and so on, but it appears many artists like yourself are increasingly going with .pdfs for their work. Not a huge inconvenience or anything, since you can just use photoshop to seperate them - but it doesn't really appear to offer any significant advantages for a free set like yours. I can kind of understand paid stuff like Gazukulls, because it adds another stop that can stop people from pirating it easily.